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M.O.V.E. Recognition


Travel options that are easily accessible, regardless of method

*Examples of good mobility include: Sidewalks with ADA compliant ramps, marked cycling lanes, accessible public transit stops


A variety of travel options

*Examples of opportunities include: Access to sidewalks and cycling lanes, public transit stops nearby


Connected, and healthy travel options

*Examples of vibrancy include: Sidewalks, trails, and cycle paths that are enjoyable to use and connect to public transit stops and activity centers


Travel options are available to everyone

*Examples include: Affordable transportation to allow people to get to medical appointments, jobs, shopping, and other places regardless of where they live

M.O.V.E. Recognition Program

The Upstate Mobility Alliance is dedicated to providing our citizens and businesses with easy access to multiple, convenient transportation solutions, so that families and goods can move freely about the Upstate to improve our health, our community, and our livelihoods.

Many of our Upstate communities and businesses are committed to helping us improve Mobility, Opportunity, Vibrancy, and Equity. We want to recognize and support these groups by providing educational, advocacy, and networking opportunities.